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CB7 for Small Finance Bank
Small Finance Banks (SFB) can benefit from a best-in-class solution with enhanced functionality to achieve their goal of “Banking for Everyone.” CB7 SFB is a high-end, low-cost solution.

CB7 SFB is with the goal of reducing turn-around time, making faster decisions, and lowering operational costs.
Our solution is a complete package for SFBs, with configurable retail products, self-service channels, and Digital Banking interfaces. CB7 interfaces for Utility Payments, Debit Card, E-commerce, and Mobile Wallet to increase customer engagement and retention and SFB’s success story.

The following are the core competencies of Small Finance Bank.
  • Know Your Customer, Unique Customer Identification Code Member Registration, C-Kyc Solution, Shares Management Solution.
  • ATM, Mobile Banking, POS, RTGS/NEFT, ECS, NACH, and other digital banking services
  • General Ledger, Financial Accounting, Investments, Financial Statements for Branches and for organization.
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Solution with Alerts, Whitelisting workflow, Cash Transaction Report (CTR), Suspicious Transaction Report (STR).
  • Loan origination, loan application acquisition, credit scoring, processing, and document management are all part of the job.
  • CASA Deposits, Term Deposits, Recurring Deposits, Chequebooks, Debit Card, Lockers.
  • Statutory Compliance Reporting to RBI or central bank. Asset Liability Management (ALM), Audit Reports.
  • Vehicle Loans, Gold Loans, and Home Loans are all types of mortgage loans.
  • Loan Repossession Workflow, Loan Ageing Classifications, Recovery Management
  • Consumer Finance Loans, such as those for electronics, furniture, and travel.
  • Education, home renovation, wedding, healthcare, and other personal loans.
  • Management Cockpit for real-time monitoring of business intelligence solutions

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