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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CB7 do ?

CB7 is an autonomous entity with openness and inclusivity threaded into our DNA. We’re are potential partners for financial institutions of all size and types for their digital and core banking and financing solutions. We have a passion for innovation and are relentlessly focused on helping financial institutions win customer trust and achieve business performance.

What does CB7 Banking Platform ?

CB7 banking platform can be used by banks of all sizes and types to improve their financial journeys with their customers and businesses. Our platform enables banks to create a new digital banking and core experience with a fully componentized, API-first, and cloud-agnostic solution, from accounts to payments to lending and compliance.

What does CB7 Financing Platform ?

The CB7 Financing Platform was created with legacy banks, captives, and independents in the auto, equipment, and commercial lending sectors in mind. Our solution, offerings contributes end-to-end leasing and
lending activities. We deliver financing solutions that streamline operations and accelerate change through this component-based platform.

What choose our digital transformation ?

Digital is now at the heart of the customer relationship, and customers have very high expectations, set by using modern tools and apps every day. At CB7, we combine a long experience of banking with a strong expertise in digital. We’re equipped to help clients of any size and types, renovate their solutions and operations from front to back, leaving them perfectly positioned to leverage new technologies and achieve their future goals. Our products are modular and designed to combine your existing modules, and CB7 capabilities into a unified solution. Best of all, our orchestration layer enables a progressive transformation process, making change possible on your terms. We offer best in-class services, from business consulting to solution design, implementation to operations, to make your digital transformation a powerful success.

What is CB7’s Mission and Values ?

Our mission is to help financial institutions thrive in the next generation of digital banking by offering core banking solutions. We serve banks of all sizes and types, enabling them to offer an end-to-end banking solution with security at the forefront of our technology offering, which includes back-end functionality, cloud capabilities, API-driven and AI powered technology.

We are effusive about banking. We are eminently passionate about technology.

At CB7 people inspire and value us, diversity enriches us, and an entrepreneurial spirit propels us forward. We’re open and use curiosity to guide us. We encourage accountability and the courage to explore new avenues and innovative technologies in order to enable transformations for the benefit of all.

What is Digital Banking ?

Digital banking refers to the digitization of banking services, which removes the need to visit a physical branch. Digital banking includes both online and mobile banking services; customers can access features and services via the bank’s website or mobile app. The use of paperless technologies and digital touchpoints helps banks provide customers with forward-looking, modern banking experiences. Digital banking is not limited to new institutions – traditional banks, fully digital banks, and neobanks can all offer “digital banking”.

How digital banking is useful ? Why is it important ?

Banks are now forced to carve out a niche for themselves in a crowded, rapidly evolving digital market. Rising costs, hefty legacy systems, and rising customer expectations make this a difficult task. Digital banking, and particularly Digital Banking Engagement Platforms, provide banks with the flexibility required to consistently provide a best-in class user experience. This enables them to provide the smooth, personalised, and innovative experiences that their customers expect. Furthermore, digital banks can provide customers with tools and features that traditional banks do not provide. Customers gain access to communities and options tailored to their needs, as well as a secure, convenient way to view and manage their finances. Customers benefit from digital banking because it allows them to better manage their finances, improve their financial literacy, and, ultimately, save money.

How does digital banking benefits banks ?

When done correctly, digital banking focuses on best-of-breed human-centered design to provide outstanding customer experiences. Platforms that enable digital banking are designed to ensure faster time-tomarket for new products, improved operational efficiency, and even an improved comprehension of customer needs. The result is an increase in customer acquisition, satisfaction, conversion, and retention. Digital banks have the technology to tap into new, innovative revenue streams. They can also take advantage of the cost-saving opportunities that come with cloud-native solutions delivered as SaaS. This enables them to compete more effectively with traditional banks, challenger banks, and big tech.

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