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CB7 for NBFC’s
CB7 understands the needs of the consumer loan market and collaborates with NBFCs to provide innovative and best solution services to its customers, owing to its extensive knowledge and experience in the consumer loan space. The CB7 Solution Suite, with its digital banking channels, self-service channels, Online Loan Applicants acquisition, and assists NBFCs in digitising their finance business, allowing them to provide faster, easier, and more cost effective credit services to their customers.
CB7 NBFC module is designed with the goal of reducing turn-around time, making faster decisions, and lowering operational costs. It unifies multi-office operations on a single, unified platform, streamlining interbranch team collaboration.
CB7 offers NBFC’s with innovative yet simple solutions that require little up-front investment but are ready for future expansion.
  • Know Your Customer, Unique Customer Identification Code Member Registration, C-Kyc Solution, Shares Management Solution.
  • Products Configuration, Charges Configurations, and Interest Activities are examples of centralised settings and operations.
  • General Ledger, Financial Accounting, Investments, Financial Statements for Branches and for organization.
  • Current Account, Savings Account, Term Deposits, Recurring Deposits, and Daily (Small-savings) Deposits are all types of deposits
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Solution with Alerts, Whitelisting workflow, Cash Transaction Report (CTR), Suspicious Transaction Report (STR).
  • Loan origination, loan application acquisition, credit scoring, processing, and document management are all part of the job
  • Individual and group microfinance loans.
  • Working Capital (Cash Credit) SME Loans for Small Businesses
  • Vehicle Loans, Gold Loans, and Home Loans are all types of mortgage loans.
  • Loan Repossession Workflow, Loan Ageing Classifications, Recovery Management.
  • Consumer Finance Loans, such as those for electronics, furniture, and travel.
  • Education, home renovation, wedding, healthcare, and other personal loans
  • Management Cockpit for real-time monitoring of business intelligence solutions.
  • Asset Liability Management (ALM), Audit Reports. Enterprise Applications of GST Tax Compliance, HRMS & Payroll, Fixed Assets & Inventory Management, Reconciliation, Audit & Compliance, SMS & Email Gateway Integrations.

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