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CB7 for Microfinance Institutions

CB7 provides a trustworthy online platform for MFI to offer distinctive microfinance products and services to its clients. We have addressed the challenging task MFI faced in trying to serve underprivileged and unbanked customers with banking services.
CB7 MF Solution, which was especially created for MFI, is the best option for several types of microfinance, including:

  • Microlending based solely on a lending portfolio.
  • Microfinance using cautionary money deposit products and microsavings.
  • A standard bank that offers microfinance products.
The solution modernises MFI operations across all offices and centres on a single, unified platform. Here are a few of the important items created especially for the MFI segment:
  • Registration of Members, Compliance with KYC, Group Creation, and Approvals
  • Credit bureau ratings Integratin and analysis.
  • Applications for group loans and loan origination.
  • Individual Member Loans, Self Help Group (SHG) Group Loans, and Joint Liability Group Loans (JLG)
  • User Management with Digi-pass & Biometric Authentication, Two Factor Authentication, Digital Signing, and Audit Trail.
  • Small Savings, Caution Money Deposits, and Products for Security Deposits.
  • General Ledger, Financial Accounting, Investments, Financial Statements for Branches and the Organization.
  • Statutory Compliance Reporting, MFI Specific MIS.
  • Business intelligence solution with management cockpit for monitoring operations in real-time, graphic reports on comparative analysis of branches, products, and GL Heads, and branch and staff performance analysis.
  • Reconciliation, Audit & Compliance, Fixed Assets & Inventory Management, SMS & Email Gateway Integrations, and GST Tax Compliance Enterprise Applications.
  • Office Operations Using Browser-Based Interfaces.
  • Transaction Workflow includes activities like member transfers, account closures, and visits before and after disbursements.

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