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Banking and Digital Platform

Scaling up banking transformation

Our DNA includes delivery and flexibility. Our progressive implementation model, developed in-house at CB7 along with its experts, reduces legacy IT replacement risk. Modular platforms enable clients to react and transform to market demands with a continuous shape shift.

One-of-a-kind Financial Partner
for Financial Institutions

The future of banking will be more personal and consumer focused. This is how CB7 & N7 is helping to make that a reality.

Modular Banking

Wide catalog of fine-grained business components.

API Platform

Designed as a set of  reusable components.

Open Banking

Promoting digital innovation and openness.

High Performance

Optimized processing even at high volume.

End-to-end Approach

Integration to orchestration, complete services.

Tier Transformation

Transform and modernize your bank step by step.
Create, manage, analyse, and extend APIs to improve customer experiences. Our Analytics provides you with your digital success, enforcing security, scalability and high availability.

Utilize our cutting-edge data management and analytics to improve business decisions, enhance customer interactions, and drive performance.

Security is one of our primary concerns, so we offer you a wide range of tools from which to choose the best fit for your company.

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